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The Write Stuff

Note: This article was posted several months ago, but I never promoted it here.  Over the next few days I'll be posting links to more articles I've written and want to share.  Please feel free to comment on them here or at the original article.

At SDCC this year, a young man asked Dan DiDio why the ratio of female creators on DC's staff had fallen from 12% prior to the introduction of the New 52 to only 1%. As many people later pointed out, the man's numbers were wrong. The 12% included editors and other listed female staff, while the 1% figure only included writers, pencillers and inkers.

To me, the scandal was not that a well-meaning man made an honest mistake. To me, the scandal was that DC's percentage of female creators hadn't been anywhere near 12% to begin with!

[Read more at original article.]

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